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The Rajaratnam Foundation, established in 2012, carries on the legacy of Dr. Rajaratnam’s long-standing commitment to philanthropy. Driven by his deep-seated desire to support global initiatives and organizations dedicated to assisting children, the foundation has been actively contributing for many years.

Dr. Rajaratnam’s generous contributions have made a significant impact both in the United States and worldwide. Schools and organizations working towards uplifting the lives of children have been beneficiaries of his invaluable support. From providing education equipment and school transportation to funding healthcare programs, his efforts cover a broad spectrum of welfare activities.

To delve deeper into his remarkable journey and learn more about the projects he has undertaken, interested individuals can view the video shared below. This video encapsulates the inspiring narrative behind Dr. Rajaratnam’s philanthropic endeavors and showcase the tangible difference he is making in communities across continents.

Additionally, Dr. Rajaratnam continually seeks partnerships with like-minded individuals and organizations who share his enthusiasm for empowering young minds, working together towards creating a supportive network that equips youth with the tools they need for success in all areas of life.

Dr Rajaratnam

Join us as we work towards building a stronger community through uplifting our future leaders.

—Dr. Rajaratnam, Rajaratnam Foundation
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  • A non-profit organization dedicated to youth education and support by providing assistance to school programs, scholarships, and donating to church programs.